Amateur porn videos have more earning potential

I get sick of going to all of these sites promising amateur porn only to wind up watching studio shot videos with ugly untrained actors. Homemade porn is just that, real girls not reading from a script and not being paid to get fucked. I like to call them cell phone sluts. These 18 year old hotties don’t get enough attention showing of their asses on Facebook or Instagram so they kick it up a notch by pulling out their digital camera and cell phones, call their boyfriend or just to come over and fuck the hell out of them. This is why there is so much free porn videos out on the internet. They will lay there in their bedroom and let these guys destroy their tight teen cunts all for the video camera. Once the fucking is over, and they wipe a load of jizz of their face they run to their computers as fast as they can to upload the action they just shot. They don’t care who sees it and when it goes viral, their Facebook account gets blown up with friend request from guys that watch their amateur video wanting to be their friends.

When the video camera does not do what they want the kick it up even further. You can find millions of 18 and 19 year old girls from just about any country on the planet that are in their room right now, while their parents are asleep in the next room putting on shows. With this type of porn, it is just 1 on 1 action. Whatever you want to see or have the girl do, she will do it gladly. Believe me these sluts have the toys to put on a hell of a show. If you’re not into girls playing with themselves, you can pick 2 girls together, 1 guy fucking 1 girl, even groups of guys running a train on some teen slut while mommy and daddy are sleeping sound right next door! That’s why I love porn because it is made in that instance and you never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes you will be watching a cam show and daddy walks in to find his 18 year old daughter with a big cock in her mouth. Going to be kind of hard for her to explain that one!

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What is your favorite type of porn?

Just like music porn has different types of genres. So what we did here at the housing expert office is we decided to go look for the best free porn categories page on the internet. We want the cream of the crop when it comes to porn and we believe we have found it. Im not going to lie all of the guys had a ball when we told them they were going to be watching porn at work. We literately spent days going on different sites that offered free porn. There were so many different types of porn we watch we literately grew sick of adult videos.

Mike is our main web guy here and he got to join in. We decided to use him as out guinea pig. So we interviewed him on what kind of videos he liked. He said that asian sex clips were his favorite. He then went on to say that he also really enjoyed milfs going at it. He said there is nothing like watching adult women that know what they are doing get active.


Now back to our search. Towards the end of the day we had allocated we have each come up with a list of websites. So what we now did was compare to see if any of use had any of the same sites. Turns out we did. But this was more than likely due to guys sharing the porno terms they had search. So others could not help but look those up too. Now the site we all decided was the one ended up being a tube site. They had a categories area that every just seemed to not be able to get over.

So just for the sake of keeping you at the edge of your seat we will be releasing the site next week. So check back then. Now comment up! What do you guys think of our little journey?

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