Luxury homes featured in porn videos

mansionSometimes when you buy a home you have no idea what the previous owner might have done with it. That’s why here at Housing Expert we always recommend you do thorough research. There has been lots of cases where couples or families bought what they believed to be their dream home only to find out its not. Usually homes like these attract some bad attention from the wrong kind of people. Sometimes when you are on Zillow its very easy to get mesmerized by all of the eye candy in a home. But its always a great idea to look into a homes past and find out what has taken place there. Not only for this reason but find out what construction has take place here or even additions. Its illegal in most states to have construction in your house with out the proper permits. If no permits were requested you run the risk of illegal and not up to code work.

A adult websites has recently been doing a social media push about this topic. You can see more of this on Luv2Skeet’s YouTube and their Twitter. You see all of the content you see on their page. At times it there is a bit of a humorous side when the home owners have a sense of humor. You would hear them talk about pretending to doing sexual acts when they noticed someone was looking at their home. However other homeowners (mainly the ones with kids) were repulsed with the thought of sick people who watch porn getting near their house. So the moral of the story? Do research before you buy your home!

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