Building a website can help you sell your house faster!

wordpress siteHave you ever thought about making an informational website about your house? Think about how easily you would be able to give someone all the spec of your home.

At first it sounds like it might be a very tedious task. However in reality, its really not. The first thing you need is a web hosting service.

This service will allow you to put all of your websites files online. If you want to save a little money you can always take a look at websites like Monies Saver. They offer coupon codes to save money.

Recently they added a Bluehost coupon to their site.

After you purchase the hosting account its just a matter of setting up something like WordPress. Most hosting control panels have a automated option to install this for you.

After the system finishes installing the software, you will receive a username and password to log in to WordPress. There you will be able to create pages and posts on your new website.

Make sure you add lots of pictures of your home. Also make sure you are not using low quality pictures as this can turn off potential buyers.

If you are very familiar with recording videos, then you automatically have an advantage. A videos of a home for sale in known to increase the amount of people to your open house.

At the same time you have to make sure your house is in perfect shape. Video can be bad if you have issues with your home that you don’t want potential buyers to see. Sometimes users can even watch the video cause youtube is blocked. So they use a YouTube proxy like to watch youtube videos.

If you aren’t going with bluehost then visit the Monies Saver website directly here for a huge list of other hosts they offer coupons for.

I understand not is as comfortable with technology like I am. For this very reason I will be putting a series of posts here that will explain how to leverage technology to sell your house faster and get top dollar.

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